In addition to the black plastic hangers, we can offer you different finishes, which are very important for enhancing the look of your garments and for solving any technical problems.
Colored, velvety, painted, branded: you have a wide choice that will allow you to make your hanger different from all the others, like your clothes!

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We will show you the solution that best suits the look of your clothes.


Bio materials

For a green collection we can make hangers with industrially biodegradable and compostable materials, in black, white or natural color.


If you want to stand out with your collection, we can produce hangers in transparent crystal or in your favorite color. Give us a Pantone reference or a sample and we will make the hangers in the chosen color.


It is possible to have white, black or colored velvety hangers, both completely flocked and with velvety only on the shoulders and / or on the rod. You can order this finish to have more elegant hangers, but also to ensure the stability of your clothes on the hanger.

Special finishes

This very refined technique gives your black or colored hangers a glossy or rubberized finish. The soft, rubberized paint also acts as a non-slip. Very useful and fine!


Highlight your brand! Customers will immediately recognize your style.

We can provide you with both the plates mounted on the hanger and separate, both in black and in color, with the logo in relief or flat, as you prefer.


We can offer you different qualities and colors of sponge. From gray to the exclusive black sponge, welded or glued for a perfect finish. The sponges we use are thicker and with a higher density, for a better ability to hold the fabric and protect it.